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What to see and to do :
  • Walk the suspension bridge between Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan.
  • Visit the Lembongan Village seaweed farms
  • Snorkel at the best spot with mantas and  the coral here is a must-see and largely untouched.
  • Watch the legendary Lembongan sunsets above the crashing waves.
  • Visit the Underground House
  • Pura Puncak Sari is the biggest temple on the island, positioned on a hill; the views looking across to Bali are breathtaking.
    Lembongan - Jembatan ke Ceningan

    bridge lembongan-ceningan

  • Diving
  • Surfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Rent a motorcycle
  • Hiking
  • Take a tour through the mangroves in a sampan-style boat.
  • Explore Ceningan Island and its secret beach  and blue lagoon
  • Rental canoe, boogie and surf board
  • jumping from the cliff


Nusa Lembongan must-visit locations for a snorkel trip while you are in Bali. The pristine corals and warm waters are home to schools of vibrantly colored fish like the emperor angel fish, parrot fish, morray eels, turtles and in certain areas, manta rays!
Snorkelling Sites:  Crystal bay, gamat bay, manta point, mangrove point





The sleepy little island of Nusa Lembongan is home to some world-class waves, though it’s a bit harder to get to and is more fickle than most Bali waves. The waves are only really any good when it’s Med to High tide. With the tide lowering, the surf breaks around Nusa Lembongan become shallow and treacherous. Be very careful when surfing here! It’s odd to say, but when it’s crowded, go surf. If not many people are out, most likely they’re tourists getting scraped up on the reef.


Playgrounds is the easiest surf spot to get to. You can paddle out from Coconuts Beach and surf right away. It has a fun, long left, and (depending on the tide) a right-hander that is either mushy or short and barreling. (See photo to the left.)


A better wave is a bit further out past Playgrounds. Lacerations is a bowling right that is accessible by paddling past Playgrounds and through the boat channel. This spot is usually a little more crowded because it’s a better barrel and usually has a little more size.

Nusa Ceningan

Ceningan Point is a left-hander that you need to hire a boat to get to. On the other side of Nusa Lembongan, and off the southern coast of Nusa Ceningan, this spots gets a lot less people surfing it.



lembongan wedding ceremony

lembongan is part of bali and all people in here are hindu. weddings is implementation of yadnya, or ritual. and wedding is provide an opportunity for ancestors to reincarnate, custom regulation and the perfect day based on Balinese Hindu Calendar.

Balinese Hindu Wedding Ceremony proses begins with : Memadik process, where the groom’s family meet with the bride’s family to ask the bride if she wants to marry the groom. If the answer is yes, the bride will go with the groom to his family’s house.

When it is time to “pick up” the bride, a procession starts at the home of the groom. After praying at the family temple, the groom and his family go to the bride’s house. The procession is usually quite lively. Gamelans, gongs, and pennants complete the procession

after the proposal or elopement, a priest performs a simple ceremony called “mekala – kalaan“, which is similar to a small civil wedding in the west. It is a very private affair and the couple wears only the simplest of traditional Balinese clothes. Then they are legally married.

When people get married , the man takes responsibility as a member of society. He gets the right to speak at a Banjar (the community body) meeting and must take on social duties, such as attending the temple ceremonies and taking part in the community activities. In this way other members of the Banjar will come to recognize him as an adult and he will have the opportunity to take on more responsibility in the Banjar.




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